Lesson of the Day #17 - Queen City Brewers

The distinction of QCB is their affinity for Old World style brews, from a Bavarian Dunkel to a Scotch ale.

Paul Hale and his partners, home brewers with a fondness for traditional styles, founded Queen City Brewers in 2012. Head brewer Lillian MacNamara brings her years of experience at Hop n Moose, Magic Hat, Otter Creek and Oregon Trail joined the team in 2014.

And while they focus on old world style beer making, which can include heating stones over a firepit and dropping them into a wort kettle, they also employ modern devices such as wireless temperature censors to ensure consistent flavors.

Trivia: How many years has the oldest currently working brewery been in existence?

Answer: 978 years (as of 2018). The monks at the Benedictine Abbey of Weihenstephan in Germany began brewing in 1040. Today it’s knows as the Bavarian State Brewery Weihenstephan, and is intergrated with the Technical University of Munich’s brewing & beverage studies.

Michael Breyette