Lesson of the Day #11 - Our venues: Lincoln Peak

This next batch of lessons will be about our various tasting tour stops. Just a few facts and tidbits that we can impart to customers before each arrival. First stop…

Lincoln Peak Vineyard.

The owners first began farming the land as an apple tree nursery in 1981. During that time they were establishing strawberry fields. The strawberry business went on to be very successful for 20 years.

In 2001 the owners, having heard about cold hearty wine grapes, decided to see what they could do with them here in Vermont. Many of the cold climate varieties come from the University of Minnesota’s grape breeding program and can withstand winter temps of -30 degrees or more. Because of this breeding, cold climate wines are no longer limited to the sweeter variety that result in mostly dessert wines.

With help of a greenhouse the owners propagated the vines quickly and over time grapes vines supplanted the strawberry fields. They sold the vines to other vineyard start ups for several years prior to releasing their first commercial batch in 2006.

Soon Lincoln peak was one of the biggest grape growers in the state. Producing 25,000 bottles a year. Their wines range from rich dry reds to crisp white as well as sweet dessert wines. And have won several Best In Show awards at the International Cold Climate Wine Competition.

Trivia: Whats the origin of the clanking together of glasses?

The popular myth is that either the ancient Greeks or medieval Europeans were so fond of poisoning their enemies the tradition of clanking and ‘spilling’ a little wine into your companions glass evolved to ensure neither was poisoning the other. However older evidence indicates that the clanking of glasses was to mimic church bells and scare away the devil. Another theory is that the celebration needed to involve all the senses. While wine offers up the visual red color, the taste, the feel and the aroma, the tapping together of glasses adds the sound element.

So pick your favorite!



Michael Breyette