Lesson of the Day #2 - Beer Varieties


With only 4 primary ingredients to make beer — grain, hops, yeast, and water — why are there so many varieties?

Because there are so many variations & combination in those ingredients:

  • Grain - usually malted barley but also others (wheat, corn, rice) as well

  • Hops - there are many varieties

  • Yeast - this creates the fermentation, but there are various strains within the 2 types, the top fermenting for ales, and the bottom fermenting for lagers.

  • Water - being 90-95% of a beer’s composition, manipulating and adjusting its mineral contents can play a major factor

Trivia Question - What are the 3 most popular drinks in the world?

Answer - #1 water, #2 tea, and #3 beer

Michael Breyette